Wednesday, June 22, 2011

run in hide

my W finally arrived in the mail to my surprise today. I glanced through the pages quickly, and two images caught my eye. leather pants are hitting the scene hard this summer 
the first style, which I personally adore, is the edgy look. her tight leather pants, and
upcut top are just great. her accessories are what really bring her look to life though.
the combination of the cop hat with the sick aviators, all the way to the conflicting
bottle of jack complete the edgy feeling that she conveys. she's bad, and here to
kick ass and have a kick ass time 
next, this model has the total charlie's angels look going on. in my opinion, this is
much more difficult to pull off compared tot he edgy look. she has to be an even badder
chick, in a different way, to be authentic. this is more of a biker chick trend, which
in the end is more of a lifestyle rather than a trend. but, I just had to post this image
because of the strong charlie's angels resemblance. so awesome


  1. this is so awesome...absolutely love leather anything!!!

    Great blog girl come visit me and if you like we can follow each other.

    <3 Marina

  2. well thanks, I'm flattered. except, I'm a guy!

  3. Isabeli Fontana is gorgeous! (I prefer her brunette... but she´s beautiful anyway)
    and oh, the clothes...!I´d like to have THE body to wear leather pants!
    I LOVED the photos! wow :D

    folloed u.

  4. Great Post! i love the bad girl look ... don't think i could commit to leather trousers in this heat though!

    Team Cherry Picker x