Friday, March 25, 2011

dress shirts

     this new trend brings a new meaning to what we know as dress shirts. apparently, women are now wearing long button up shirts as dresses. it's a very controversial look.
     at first glance, I wrote this off as a stylish dress to be worn with leggings and plenty of accessories. however, that is not at all what it is intended for.
     I think this look is really hott, but its also very provocative, which not many women are confident enough to pull off. it's not simply provocative because of how much skin it shows, but rather what image the woman wearing it gives off. the morning after look. or how you can always tell when a woman is on a walk of shame early the next morning. I live in a college town where woman dressed like this walk home early every morning on the weekends.
     it's just so bold to strut around like you just don't care because you just got laid! but, aside from the social implications, I really like woman wearing button up shirts, so I like the look. and good for any woman brave enough to rock this look confidently. I only hope that other women will not judge too hard on the new look, despite its promiscuous taste

Thursday, March 10, 2011

blue blocker is in

     so, I just picked up a couple pair of aviators, and they're setting the trend for this spring. so if you're asking yourself: what kind of sunglasses should I grab for the spring now that the sun's coming out? the answer is blue blocker aviators. why is this the new trend for this spring? because I said so, and I'm looking fresh in these pictured below

     these give off that classic retro 80's look that beats knock off retro ray bans every day out of the week. the ones on the left are from pony. need I explain why these do the trick to getting everyone wishing they had your style? the gold pony on the bridge is highlighted by the black frames, and the shape is clutch. the shades on the right are turbo sports, which are just as sick, but for a more jock look.
     now, the most important part of these that makes them the must have sunglasses of the spring leading into the summer, is their blue blocker lenses. they're dirty and make the world around you look really cool. you just feel cool wearing them with the way the colors of the world look without blue. also, they were five dollars each on ebay. don't bother buying "the official blue blocker sunglasses" for forty dollars, i've seen people wearing them, and they don't look half as cool as the ones I bought.
     I haven't seen anyone else with the sunglasses I featured here, but there are also tons more online if you look. if you're too lazy to search, go ahead and order these! get em before your friends do, and they look great on guys and chicks, because all of my roommates are always trying to take them from me
     life is easier to live behind sunglasses, enjoy the sun while looking fly

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

classy oscar awards

     so I missed most of the oscars this year, but didn't mind all that much. I did however look into who was wearing what on the red carpet.
     overall, most were dressed better than at the music awards. it was a toss up between who was best dressed this year between mila, natalie, and sandra. mila just looked drop dead sexy as usual, and natalie stunned me in her plum colored dress. yet sandra's red dress just shows off her figure so well, and was sleek as well as flowing off of her.
     sandra bullock's red dress rode the fine line between hugging her body just tight enough in all the right places and draping loosely around her legs. that is why she takes best dressed this year.

     red is one of the best colors for a dress. it's the same for cars, red means fast, dangerous, and exciting. a red dress catches the attention of people like red cars attract the attention of law enforcement, but slip up, and you might just wind up with a speeding ticket. sandra bullock is a perfect example of how to wear a hott red dress like this one.
     although this picture of her is not the most flattering, it really shows how this dress captures her figure and wraps around her legs like she's a bouquet of flowers.
     the back of her dress I was not fond of at first, but it almost reminds me of a tie draped down her back turing into the bottom of her dress.
     I have always though sandra bullock was gorgeous. its her face, I really adore. some disagree, but I think she's a beautiful woman.

     now for worst dressed. normally I love picking people's fashion choices apart, but this next dress just confuses me. cate blanchette just looks lost in this dress.

     for some reason I am reminded of dining china when I see this dress. doesn't it look like a dinner plate covering her chest? I think so. and the lace around it doesn't help either. I don't really know how to save this dress. if it were white instead of doctor's office pink/tan it would look better, but with the color it has and the yellow at the top, it's just not pleasing to the eye.
     she should have just skipped over the dress entirely and worn something that suits her better.
     oh yeah, and the part of the dress covering her shoulders looks like printer paper..

     overall, the dinner plate on top of blank white paper is just bizarre, and not in a creative good way. worst dress of the night by far.
     she still looks elegant the way she stands and the way she did her hair, just needs help in her dress choice.