Friday, March 25, 2011

dress shirts

     this new trend brings a new meaning to what we know as dress shirts. apparently, women are now wearing long button up shirts as dresses. it's a very controversial look.
     at first glance, I wrote this off as a stylish dress to be worn with leggings and plenty of accessories. however, that is not at all what it is intended for.
     I think this look is really hott, but its also very provocative, which not many women are confident enough to pull off. it's not simply provocative because of how much skin it shows, but rather what image the woman wearing it gives off. the morning after look. or how you can always tell when a woman is on a walk of shame early the next morning. I live in a college town where woman dressed like this walk home early every morning on the weekends.
     it's just so bold to strut around like you just don't care because you just got laid! but, aside from the social implications, I really like woman wearing button up shirts, so I like the look. and good for any woman brave enough to rock this look confidently. I only hope that other women will not judge too hard on the new look, despite its promiscuous taste

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  1. i love wearing dress shirts! Because you can dress it up or down and just throw it on :)
    love the blog!