Friday, April 1, 2011

what's hott this hot spring

     my W magazine finally came! none of the articles look particularly great, but the pictures are wonderful.
     this spring has drawn a lot of attention to itself, as no dominant style or trend has presented itself. however, I have a string feeling that tops and dresses like roberto cavalli's gray silk and cashmere knit dress will be huge this spring.
     not only did this image catch my eye and stand out in W magazine, I sat next to a girl in class wearing a top with a very similar color and style as roberto cavalli's silk and cashmere dress with patterned gapes and holes. of course she was wearing a matching tank top underneath.
     the point is, out of a lecture hall filled with 300 people, she was the best dressed. it's a style that's perfect for the weather, because you can still get a tan in it, and it won't make you sweat either.
     I couldn't help but compliment her on her style and how nice she looked. bottom line, out of the many trends coming in this spring, the dress I've pictured on the right by roberto cavalli will be the hottest look out there this season


  1. I'm with you on the string trend! It's definitely going to be big this year! lovely post really enjoyed it and lovely blog

  2. This picture is absolutely gorgeous! Love the dress with the big curls in her hair.