Thursday, May 5, 2011

white staying cool in the heat

     well its been quite warm here in santa barbara as spring is coming in full force. many of the much anticipated new trends have been popping up all around me.
     there was a lot of buzz about white loose clothing being big this spring, and its finally showing up on the west coast. I often sit in the back of classes in lecture hall, so that I can spot out trending outfits. today I at last saw a girl with a loose white top almost identical to the one pictured here.
     the girl in my class wore the top well. she looked beautiful in her black framed glasses, and wavy brown hair. vibrant white bursting with contrast.
     yet, I still just don't know how to feel about this trend. the material is too formal, and has that utopian look to it.
     in the end, I still admire the style. I like the casual look, comfortable, but still shows off nice body figures. I seem to reject it because I am not use to the form, however I find myself secretly drawn back to liking it. now thats when you know you have a hott new trend on your hands

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