Monday, May 9, 2011

for those warm summer nights

     I absolutely adore dressing up for warm nights. ladies seem to have even more fun, running around in shorts with pockets sticking out the bottom, and rocking a thin sweater, maybe even showing a shoulder. hott and dangerous to say the least.
     the kinds of tops I'm referring to are like the grey hoodie pictured above. yes, ladies, miranda kerr is quite stunning, and she just has that look that tells me she is ready to enjoy a warm summer night. from the little cute buttons to the way her hoddie slouches off of her left shoulder. now I'm not recommending you forget to wear a bra like miranda, because going out is not the same as a photo shoot. however, keep the sex appeal! as always, be fun, be sexy, be you


  1. she looks gorgeous without even trying!


  2. I love your commentary on this. It can be tough to pull of effortless chic though!

    Btw, I've given you a blog award. Enjoy!