Tuesday, October 25, 2011

dark kiss

     a woman's lip stick can tell you many things about her. soft shades of red hint at tenderness, while bright colors can catch attention in an instant, drawing eyes to her face. but when women wear lipstick of a color other than red, it can often throw you for a loop. one pet peeve of mine in the world of women's fashion is black lipstick. a woman's lips are an essential part of her seduction arsenal! yes, the color black is a mysterious and scandalous color. however, black lipstick hides all the texture of a woman's lips, and draws contrast away from black eye makeup. 
     but, as it is almost halloween, I can expect to see a lot of it because where I live halloween is a big deal. the streets flood with people and everyone goes crazy. it's all or nothing. so ladies, go ahead, take advantage this time to wear black (as well as any other colors) lipstick and show people your dark side
haley bennett

Monday, October 24, 2011

brides in black

so awhile ago there was a buzz about black wedding dresses, and I thought I'd share this unique dress I found. a black wedding dress is a bold statement, certainly not traditional. but, I like how this dress tones it up with some contrast with the pink. plus the bust of the dress is quite exotic, adding to the boldness of this new trend