Monday, October 24, 2011

brides in black

so awhile ago there was a buzz about black wedding dresses, and I thought I'd share this unique dress I found. a black wedding dress is a bold statement, certainly not traditional. but, I like how this dress tones it up with some contrast with the pink. plus the bust of the dress is quite exotic, adding to the boldness of this new trend


  1. Thank you for adding me as a friend on IFB! Your blog is full of beautiful woman! Love it :D Specially I love the top of this dress, hope you can visit my blog and follow me, now I follow you :D - Thank you - Bianca

  2. Hello.. like can I purchase this dress from somewhere? If, so please give me phone no. or web address.I would love to take this one down the aisle personally for wedding next year! Thank u