Saturday, May 21, 2011

fashion photo moto

     I saw these photos of ana barros and could not resist writing about her. exploring fashion photography has inspired me to try my hand behind the camera. so, I pulled a few strings and a dslr is on its way. meanwhile I've been playing around with editing photos on my lap top such as these beautiful pictures of ana barros. In the future I plan to take pictures of my own of fashion around the university to supplement my posts.
     don't these dresses and accessories remind you of fall? the colors come together nicely and remind me of fallen leaves. I'm so excited for summer to start!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mirror mirror on the wall who's the baddest of them all?


     despite their fashion choices, I love the black eyed peas. but that is not what I have to share with you today. yet again we look into this spring's exciting new look.
     where vibrant colors were huge all last year, a more modest approach is trending through the flesh and blood of today's streets. as I mentioned earlier, these knit tops where the gaps between the thread is visible are catching on strong. this model featured is a set example of how to successfully wear one of these knit tops. her black hat, leggings, and bag agree with her jet black hair, and compliment the khaki color of her knit top and boots. I absolutely love her boots, they are the center of her edgy look. along with her sweet shades, which I'm dying to know where they came from. I hope you also notice hot her top is slouched down her left shoulder. as I wrote in my last article with miranda kerr, showing a little bit of shoulder is a big deal this spring.
     finally, her red lipstick and blue bikini strap really pop due to the use of so many dull colors like black and khaki. this can be a woman's secret weapon in getting attention. small highlights of color make the out fit still fun and sexy while retaining that edgy look, almost like she's playing hard to get with your eyes.

Monday, May 9, 2011

for those warm summer nights

     I absolutely adore dressing up for warm nights. ladies seem to have even more fun, running around in shorts with pockets sticking out the bottom, and rocking a thin sweater, maybe even showing a shoulder. hott and dangerous to say the least.
     the kinds of tops I'm referring to are like the grey hoodie pictured above. yes, ladies, miranda kerr is quite stunning, and she just has that look that tells me she is ready to enjoy a warm summer night. from the little cute buttons to the way her hoddie slouches off of her left shoulder. now I'm not recommending you forget to wear a bra like miranda, because going out is not the same as a photo shoot. however, keep the sex appeal! as always, be fun, be sexy, be you

Thursday, May 5, 2011

white staying cool in the heat

     well its been quite warm here in santa barbara as spring is coming in full force. many of the much anticipated new trends have been popping up all around me.
     there was a lot of buzz about white loose clothing being big this spring, and its finally showing up on the west coast. I often sit in the back of classes in lecture hall, so that I can spot out trending outfits. today I at last saw a girl with a loose white top almost identical to the one pictured here.
     the girl in my class wore the top well. she looked beautiful in her black framed glasses, and wavy brown hair. vibrant white bursting with contrast.
     yet, I still just don't know how to feel about this trend. the material is too formal, and has that utopian look to it.
     in the end, I still admire the style. I like the casual look, comfortable, but still shows off nice body figures. I seem to reject it because I am not use to the form, however I find myself secretly drawn back to liking it. now thats when you know you have a hott new trend on your hands