Monday, February 21, 2011

it's all in the legs

     the internet has been down in my apartment for five days now, and this is the first chance i've had to get at it. my roommates and I are going crazy with such spotty internet.

     flared jeans.. making a comeback? I certainly hope not. I didn't even bother to read the article on the website. I just don't get how they could seem appealing, comfortable probably, but if you're going with comfortable you might as well go all the way and wear sweat pants. these are not dressing to impress pants at all, and it doesn't help either if they have trendy rips on the thighs either. it seems that all I do is pick fashion trends that are up and coming and make them sound foolish, but trust me, they wont be big, and wont last long. heres why

     legs. one of the most under flaunted aspects of a women are her legs. it seems they underestimate how much a good pair of jeans can really catch some serious male and female attention. and its not just pants that show off your cute butt ladies, oh no, having jeans that show off the subtle slender curves of your thighs and calves has a powerful impact on your image. sure a woman can be slender, but if you've never ran a day in your life, and are as squishy as the pillsbury dough boy, your thighs and calves aren't going to be your strong point. so this is to all you athletic hotties out there, don't go for this new trend! don't give away one of your subtle secret weapons, you used it so you wouldn't lose it, now show those long sexy legs off, or just be comfy and cozy in a nice pair of sweats.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentines day and the grammys

     this year's valentines day was so fun. spontaneous and exciting to say the least. I ended up making chocolate covered strawberries for a girl, and we went out to coffee later. the best part was is that none of it was planned in advance, and it wasn't a big deal. which brings me to part one of this post: valentines day outfits
     while at coffee, I did not bother to really take a look at my date's clothes, but she looked gorgeous. I do remember she was wearing a scarf with roses on it. this is what I believe is best for the ladies out there to wear on valentines day, at least if you are just getting dressed up to look nice or are going on a casual date. wear clothes that are comfortable! but also be sure to wear something pink or red, come on, its valentines. my roommate tried to go out on a date wearing all grey and black. luckily she has me to count on. she ended up wearing a cute pink shirt. 10x better.
     also, important note. I am not a fan of super floral clothes at all, especially the black dresses covered in small flower patterns. however, valentines day is the one exception. my date successfully wore nice clothes, with one accessory to be fun and show some love for valentines day. too much pink, red, and flowers and its a problem. just wear enough to be cute and fun.

     the grammys, how did I not manage to make a post about some of the dresses last night, I don't know. we will be looking at two dresses, one stunning, and one which seemed to be a sad cry out for attention. the latter being, yep you guessed it, nicki minaj. but since it seems all I can do is tear people's styles apart, I figured I'd show an example of what I like. plenty of women at the grammys were looking great in wonderful dresses like katy parry's long white sweeping dress. however, lea michele just killed it in her down right sleek and sexy black dress.

     I admit, I watch glee. only with my roommates, and its the only musical I have ever enjoyed watching on tv. lea michele is by far the best singer on the show in my opinion, and she plays a strong character.
     her black wavy hair is paralleled by the flowing material of her dress. not to mention, the cut is to one side, so she can show some leg, which is the type of dress I am attracted to, rather than the extended form fitting extended pencil skirts that plenty of women use as their go to look.
     I also admire the shoulders on her dress. broad and masculine. these tell you how strong of a voice she has even before she hits the stage. I hope to see more of her, because she was the best dressed at the grammys out of the women and the men. hands down.

     so we covered who was the best dressed at the grammys. time for the worst dressed. don't get the impression that I have anything against nicki minaj, my roommate is obsessed with her music, and has converted me into a fan.
     but really, when you show up looking like this, you can't expect not to get looked at like there's something wrong with you. you're at the grammys! I get it, ever since lady gaga dressed up like some sort of a robot from the 70s, she's been known to get attention for her crazy outfits. but thats lady gaga's thing. minaj just comes out of nowhere covered in cheetah print, and to top it all off, a giant lightbulb shaped fro with a black stripe down the middle. I mean, you're not going to beat someone in the bizarre get up category when you have lady gaga entering the grammys in a effing egg, and horns implanted under her skin. am I right? (the horns totally don't suit lady gaga by the way, she's too feminine of a singer to be running around with horned shoulders).
     back to minaj though. shoes, stockings, and sleeves aside, her dress isn't even nice. it poofs out too much around her hips, which can't be taken seriously when she's decked out in cheetah print. and don't even get me started on the hair! this is a blog about clothes, so ill keep my hair comments to myself.
     minaj, you are a strong voiced woman, and can pull off many looks. the attention seeking gaga look is not one of them though. she just looks too goofy to have such a serious look on her face in the picture above haha.

     in the end, I enjoyed watching the grammys this year all the way through for the fist time ever.

Friday, February 11, 2011

keep it classy new york

     today I subscribed to w magazine. I like the photography in fashion magazines, but have never actually owned any. can't wait for the first issue to come.
     in the mean time, there is a pressing issue at hand. I also today was cruising through the new york fashion website and stumbled upon the new up and coming trend in pants

     seriously? since when is it ok to wear such wack patterns on pants? the nineties were awesome growing up in don't get me wrong, and I love it when retro things come back in style. but these pants make me feel uncomfortable for these models pictured. look at the one in the middle, the pants don't even go with the shirt, there's just too much pattern going on. 
     over all, the pants are just trying too hard. you don't see people wearing plaid shorts and stripped shirts do you? I sure hope not. 
     new york is famed for its genius in classy/haut fashion breakthroughs. patterned pants certainly are not one of those breakthroughs

Thursday, February 10, 2011

just because they're boots, doesn't mean they fly

     this is my first blog, and I can't think of anything I need to make clear in the fashion world more than boot etiquette for women. we will look at four different pairs of boots

plain and simple

     now, this first pair of boots are the type that just kill me inside a little bit every time I see someone wear. these are everywhere and a very popular style.
     women, I know, its tempting. they're boots, they're suede, they're simple. that's exactly it though, they are too simple. ladies, when you get all dressed up so that you can strut around in your boots, these will not put any energy into any outfit and no one except girls who compliment like a five year old giving out high fives will say anything about them.
     the bottom line is, they look better in your arms as you take them out of the box. these boots have next to no detail from being straight cut suede. in my experience, no girl i've seen can make these pop in any color. they are just boring to look at, and say nothing about your style, like a bland spot in your outfit

boots with the fur
     this brings me to a statement. if you've seen another girl wearing a pair of boots and thought to yourself "wow I haven't seen those before, those look so cute", they are't going to be the plain suede boots we just looked at. these boots to the right are screaming at you as you walk by. why is that?
      its because they're not by ugg, and they present the hot fur look in a new way. plus, they are a nice color too, not boring, but not overwhelming either which compliments the way the fur is almost leaking out from where ever it can.  
     boots are supposed to be cute and cozy. these fur boots grab attention and tell people that you are different, sexy, fun, and willing to stand out. I did not like the lace at first, but they're fun, and make the boots seem less closed off.

     to wrap this up, if you're rollin with boots, make sure they have something to offer. otherwise, you might as well make yourself comfortable and throw on some flip flops or vans, because no one will be able of tell the difference when it comes to wearing suede boots with no details. the fur boots I featured took me ten minutes to find online. its not that difficult to be creative and original. not into fur? check the tan boots below with the tassels. have you seen those before? I haven't, and they give off a completely different appeal than the fur ones. original, but tasteful. which brings me to my last faut pas for boots. the dark brown ones on the right. these are just terrible. buckles can be sexy details, but not when they are just desperately trying to keep up with the trends. you can't just throw a buckle on there and just expect people to want what you have. and they don't have to be functional either to be creative and original.
     so go out there, take the time to find a boot that expresses you, and strut your stuff

tassel twist