Friday, February 11, 2011

keep it classy new york

     today I subscribed to w magazine. I like the photography in fashion magazines, but have never actually owned any. can't wait for the first issue to come.
     in the mean time, there is a pressing issue at hand. I also today was cruising through the new york fashion website and stumbled upon the new up and coming trend in pants

     seriously? since when is it ok to wear such wack patterns on pants? the nineties were awesome growing up in don't get me wrong, and I love it when retro things come back in style. but these pants make me feel uncomfortable for these models pictured. look at the one in the middle, the pants don't even go with the shirt, there's just too much pattern going on. 
     over all, the pants are just trying too hard. you don't see people wearing plaid shorts and stripped shirts do you? I sure hope not. 
     new york is famed for its genius in classy/haut fashion breakthroughs. patterned pants certainly are not one of those breakthroughs

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