Thursday, February 10, 2011

just because they're boots, doesn't mean they fly

     this is my first blog, and I can't think of anything I need to make clear in the fashion world more than boot etiquette for women. we will look at four different pairs of boots

plain and simple

     now, this first pair of boots are the type that just kill me inside a little bit every time I see someone wear. these are everywhere and a very popular style.
     women, I know, its tempting. they're boots, they're suede, they're simple. that's exactly it though, they are too simple. ladies, when you get all dressed up so that you can strut around in your boots, these will not put any energy into any outfit and no one except girls who compliment like a five year old giving out high fives will say anything about them.
     the bottom line is, they look better in your arms as you take them out of the box. these boots have next to no detail from being straight cut suede. in my experience, no girl i've seen can make these pop in any color. they are just boring to look at, and say nothing about your style, like a bland spot in your outfit

boots with the fur
     this brings me to a statement. if you've seen another girl wearing a pair of boots and thought to yourself "wow I haven't seen those before, those look so cute", they are't going to be the plain suede boots we just looked at. these boots to the right are screaming at you as you walk by. why is that?
      its because they're not by ugg, and they present the hot fur look in a new way. plus, they are a nice color too, not boring, but not overwhelming either which compliments the way the fur is almost leaking out from where ever it can.  
     boots are supposed to be cute and cozy. these fur boots grab attention and tell people that you are different, sexy, fun, and willing to stand out. I did not like the lace at first, but they're fun, and make the boots seem less closed off.

     to wrap this up, if you're rollin with boots, make sure they have something to offer. otherwise, you might as well make yourself comfortable and throw on some flip flops or vans, because no one will be able of tell the difference when it comes to wearing suede boots with no details. the fur boots I featured took me ten minutes to find online. its not that difficult to be creative and original. not into fur? check the tan boots below with the tassels. have you seen those before? I haven't, and they give off a completely different appeal than the fur ones. original, but tasteful. which brings me to my last faut pas for boots. the dark brown ones on the right. these are just terrible. buckles can be sexy details, but not when they are just desperately trying to keep up with the trends. you can't just throw a buckle on there and just expect people to want what you have. and they don't have to be functional either to be creative and original.
     so go out there, take the time to find a boot that expresses you, and strut your stuff

tassel twist

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  1. I rather like the look of simple boots. I do like the moccasin ones you posted though! I'm really not a fan of the fur ones, they seem a bit tacky to me, but maybe they look different when they're on. I only wish I could wear tall boots, there aren't very many companies that make them for thicker calves, and what the heck is with companies not putting zippers in a lot of them? I don't see how anyone gets their foot into them!

    I just discovered your blog! I love having new fashion blogs to follow! I'm just browsing through your posts now, I may comment further! :)