Friday, November 25, 2011

black fridate

if you want to make an impression this winter, it's time to get messy. go beyond simply the sexy teased hair and try getting highlights faded in 

your bangs. be different. tell your stylist you want them do highlight your hair non uniform. have fun with it and this holiday season you might catch someone special's eye

candice swanepoel 

denise richards

doutzen kroes 
rosie huntington whiteley

Saturday, November 5, 2011

where there's smoke there's fire

     cigarettes. in the world of fashion it is impossible to avoid them. some smoke to feel good, a sweet escape. some smoke to cope with the complications of life. do others smoke as a way to invent an image for themselves? do some pick up cigarettes like any other fashionable accessory? be warned, cigarettes can be a double edges sword for your look. they can make you mysterious, badass, and edgy all in one motion. yet, if you just pick them up assuming these qualities will follow, you'll just look like a gross chain smoker who needs something to fill an awkward void with. there is no in between for this polar accessory 
penelope cruz


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

dark kiss

     a woman's lip stick can tell you many things about her. soft shades of red hint at tenderness, while bright colors can catch attention in an instant, drawing eyes to her face. but when women wear lipstick of a color other than red, it can often throw you for a loop. one pet peeve of mine in the world of women's fashion is black lipstick. a woman's lips are an essential part of her seduction arsenal! yes, the color black is a mysterious and scandalous color. however, black lipstick hides all the texture of a woman's lips, and draws contrast away from black eye makeup. 
     but, as it is almost halloween, I can expect to see a lot of it because where I live halloween is a big deal. the streets flood with people and everyone goes crazy. it's all or nothing. so ladies, go ahead, take advantage this time to wear black (as well as any other colors) lipstick and show people your dark side
haley bennett

Monday, October 24, 2011

brides in black

so awhile ago there was a buzz about black wedding dresses, and I thought I'd share this unique dress I found. a black wedding dress is a bold statement, certainly not traditional. but, I like how this dress tones it up with some contrast with the pink. plus the bust of the dress is quite exotic, adding to the boldness of this new trend

Thursday, September 8, 2011

summer fade

so sad to see summer's fashion coming to an end. then again, winter is my favorite fashion season

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

black beauty

I am always drawn to black and white fashion photography. does this not capture your eyes and bring you closer? beauty is not black and white, yet she is 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

run in hide

my W finally arrived in the mail to my surprise today. I glanced through the pages quickly, and two images caught my eye. leather pants are hitting the scene hard this summer 
the first style, which I personally adore, is the edgy look. her tight leather pants, and
upcut top are just great. her accessories are what really bring her look to life though.
the combination of the cop hat with the sick aviators, all the way to the conflicting
bottle of jack complete the edgy feeling that she conveys. she's bad, and here to
kick ass and have a kick ass time 
next, this model has the total charlie's angels look going on. in my opinion, this is
much more difficult to pull off compared tot he edgy look. she has to be an even badder
chick, in a different way, to be authentic. this is more of a biker chick trend, which
in the end is more of a lifestyle rather than a trend. but, I just had to post this image
because of the strong charlie's angels resemblance. so awesome