Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mirror mirror on the wall who's the baddest of them all?


     despite their fashion choices, I love the black eyed peas. but that is not what I have to share with you today. yet again we look into this spring's exciting new look.
     where vibrant colors were huge all last year, a more modest approach is trending through the flesh and blood of today's streets. as I mentioned earlier, these knit tops where the gaps between the thread is visible are catching on strong. this model featured is a set example of how to successfully wear one of these knit tops. her black hat, leggings, and bag agree with her jet black hair, and compliment the khaki color of her knit top and boots. I absolutely love her boots, they are the center of her edgy look. along with her sweet shades, which I'm dying to know where they came from. I hope you also notice hot her top is slouched down her left shoulder. as I wrote in my last article with miranda kerr, showing a little bit of shoulder is a big deal this spring.
     finally, her red lipstick and blue bikini strap really pop due to the use of so many dull colors like black and khaki. this can be a woman's secret weapon in getting attention. small highlights of color make the out fit still fun and sexy while retaining that edgy look, almost like she's playing hard to get with your eyes.


  1. yes I love this trend! I love bundling up in my large loose-knit sweaters on blustery days, paired with the right shirt it's perfect. http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

  2. Hi!
    Just wanted to say how nice it is to have a guy blogging about women's fashion. That's so rare, at least in this community. I like reading about a male's perspective on trends.

  3. I love your style :)

    xo galmeetsglam.com

  4. So awesome to have a guy blogging about fashion.
    Interesting to see how you would look at things differently to females ;)
    I ♥ your blog

  5. Great wee blog saw you on IFB,ive seen alot of browns and peaches this year but im kinda screaming out for the shops to do some more colour it rains and gets dull here way too often.

  6. love this look and your blog!


  7. That's hot that you're a jock with a good sense of style. Love these slouchy knit pieces.

  8. I love your sense of style and to echo the sentiment of everyone else, I love that your a man that blogs about women's fashion. Love it!


  9. Hi! I found your blog in an IFB group. I am following you and I hope you will follow my blog if you like it. It is pretty cool to see a guy blogging about women's fashion!


  10. i love knit. although it's so practical to have them with a tropical weather like ours. :(

  11. You got my attention by what you wrote on your 'about' on IFB! You seem like a guy walking his own intriguing paths. I heart. Interesting folks come along when we don't force it. Like real friends.

  12. Her knit top looks really cute.. Looks great with her leggings..

    All the best, Angel

  13. Hi! I found your blog on IFB & It's Wonderful!! I'm now your Newest Follower...;)xo

    Velvet Moon Diaries

  14. i agree with you!
    her hair looks amazing with what's she wearing and the boots are hot too!

    Found you off ifb btw :)


  15. i love this girl! she looks so vintage, but casual. the sweater is fantastic.



  16. this is hot!!!